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Waiver Application   


The Organics Reduction and Recycling Ordinance (ORRO) requires that all Alameda County accounts subscribe to compost and recycling collection service, unless they have an approved waiver or an approved alternative service (such as back-haul, self-haul, shared service, or third-party service provider). Sites with an approved waiver will not be required to subscribe to recycling and/or compost service (or divert those materials from the landfill) for a 5-year period.

There are two types of waivers offered for commercial business generators in Alameda County:

1.  Minimal generation waivers (De minimis) – for businesses that generate a minimal amount of compostable/organic waste (food scraps, food-soiled paper, and plant debris) or recyclables. There are two thresholds for qualifying, depending on the amount of waste your business* generates: 

Amount of waste your business* generates
(garbage and recycling combined)
Threshold to Qualify for a Minimal Generation Waiver
 Less than 2 cubic yards** of total weekly service  Generate no more than 10 gallons of   compostable/organic waste or recyclables per week
 2 or more cubic yards** of total weekly service Generate no more than 20 gallons of   compostable/organic waste or recyclables per week

*Note: Multifamily properties are not eligible for minimal generation waivers.

**There are 200 gallons in a cubic yard. If you have rolling carts for service, divide the total gallons of your carts by 200 to convert to yards. Example: (1) 96 gallon garbage cart = 0.48 cubic yard of garbage.

2.  Physical space waivers – when there are physical space constraints that prohibit the addition of recycling or compost containers. Both businesses and multifamily properties are eligible to apply.

Complete the form below if you believe your site may qualify for a waiver of the requirement to subscribe to compost or recycling collection service. 

Certification of Recycling Service (CRS)
If you have an alternative arrangement for recycling and/or compost collection service, and rather than subscribe to the service from your garbage provider, you instead self-haul, back-haul, share service with a neighboring business, or use a third-party recycler, please click here to request a Certification of Recycling Service (CRS). Do not complete the Waiver Application.

Accounts that do not have recycling and compost/organics collection service through their garbage service provider, and do not have an approved waiver or CRS on file, are subject to enforcement action and fine, effective January 1, 2022.

If you have any questions about waivers or the rules, you can ask a question with our online form, email, or call the Ordinance Helpline at (510) 891-6575 to leave a message for a call back.


Site Information

Note: The following waiver application is only for sites located in Alameda County.

Does the location have any of the following onsite? (check all that apply)

Site Contact

Submitter Information

Waiver Information

Please upload documentation relevant to your waiver request. Documentation may include:

 Minimal Generation Waivers Physical Space Waivers

  • Explanation of why business may qualify for a minimal generation waiver, including types of materials generally disposed in garbage and/or why business does not produce a significant quantity of organics (food scraps, food soiled paper, plant debris) and/or recycling based on which service the site is requesting a waiver for.

  • Photo(s) of contents of the garbage container, with bags opened and contents displayed.

  • Photos of the space or enclosure showing the limitations that prevent the site from adding the required service.

  • Information or correspondence from the garbage/recycling hauler and/or city staff about the lack of adequate space to add recycling or compost/organics collection.

  • Letter and/or drawings from licensed architect or engineer.

  • Explanation of why decreasing size of garbage and/or recycling containers to accommodate the smallest cart of compost/organics collection service is not an option.


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